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Basement Ideas 

  • Exercise Room
  • Rec Room
  • Bar Area
  • Kids Play Room
  • Living Room
  • Home Theater
  • Home Office
How Our System Works
Our unique modular basement remodeling system is superior to conventional method of finishing a basement in DE. Value Dry delivers an elegant, extremely sturdy noise reduction basement remodeling system in just about 2 weeks.

Our Basement Remodelers will fasten the sturdy 20 guage, metal stud framing of our basement remodeling system to your floor and wood joists overhead. Our ceiling grid then locks into place, conjoined to the stud wall making an extremely strong frame as the base for your newly remodeled basement.

Unique Basement Remodeling Systems
Unlike other basement remodeling contractors in Wilmington, Delaware - Value Dry installs noise reduction wall panels, covered with an acoustical fabric. It gives a look of sophistication and elegance as our basement systems have superior design and function than that of typical home improvement companies' methods. Our wall panel are mold resistant, though we'll be certain to create inhospitable condition for mold to grow.

Lastly, our licensed electricians are scheduled by our basement remodeling experts to install all of the lighting fixtures, wall sockets and light switches to the electrical system thereby avoiding working with 5 seperate companies such as carpenters, drywall contractors, plasterers, painters, electrical contractors, etc. A typical basement remodeling project can take all of those contractors 6 months or more to finish. Value Dry delivers your new, mold resistant, noise reduction basement in just 2 weeks. We're so confident of our basement remodeling services in Delaware that we offer a lifetime guarantee on our basement systems and workmanship. 

Delaware Basement Remodeling Service Area
ValueDry Basement Remodeling & Finishing serves all of Delaware: Wilmington DE, Dover DE, Newark City, Pike Creek DE, Bear, Brookside DE, Hockessin, Glasgow DE, Claymonte, North Star DE,  Wilmington Manor, Milford DE, Seaford, Middletown DE, Edgemoor DE, Elsmere, Smyrna DE and many other fine communities in the great state of Delaware. If your town is not listed here, don't worry. We serve the entire state of Delaware from North to South - East to West. If you or someone you know needs the best basement remodeling contractor in Delaware....Call ValueDry Basement Remodeling. 
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Value Dry finished basement in Wilmington, Delaware.
ValueDry Remodeled Basement increased the value of this home in Wilmington, DE.
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Value Dry Basement Remodeling Experts specialize in the installation of our high quality, channel lock basement remodeling system which is stronger and better than conventional basement finishing products. Value Dry's basement remodeling experts in Delaware can complete the entire job as opposed to hiring 5 types of home improvement contractors to complete each aspect of the basement remodel from framing the basement system to installing the electrical outlets and switching. We're one of the best home improvement companies in Delaware since we deliver a superior product in only 2 weeks as opposed to waiting several months for project completion.
A Finished Basement Can Drastically Increase the Value of Your Home....
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Many Homes are Doubled in Size by Finishing the Basement!!!

Value Dry Basement Remodeling and Finishing in Philadelphia, PA.

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Dover DE, Pike Creek, Bear, Brookside DE, New Castle, Georgetown, Laurel, Highland Acres, Harrington, Lewes, Rising Sun, Lebanon, Millsboro, Greenville, Woodside, Camden, Milton, Selbyville, Kent Acres, Long Neck, Rodney Village and many other cities and towns in Delaware are served by ValueDry Basement Remodeling & Finishing.

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When you call for your free estimate for a basement remodel, don't forget to mention our online coupon for $300 off any basement remodeling and basement finishing job over $3000. Value Dry Basement Remodeling is based in Wilmington, DE and has a satellite office in Dover, Delaware. If you've been search for the best home improvement company that will give you a return on your investment, remodeling and finishing the basement gives you the best ROI and increases the value of your home. Call Value Dry for a new basement today.
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