Basement Waterproofing

Moisture seeps in through the porous concrete block or between the footer and the bottom of the wall. 
Efflorescence is observed where moisture is present for a period of time. 
Cracks develop in walls or floors due to the pressure of water outside the walls and the hydrostatic pressure of water under the floor. 
Water begins to puddle and collect damaging carpet, wood panel walls, drywall and anything that is close to the source.
Mold grows from continuous moist conditions on the drywall, floor, ceiling and almost any surrounding objects. 
Stages of Water Damage
How Water Permeates the Foundation
How Prolonged Water Exposure Causes Structural Damage
Have you ever wondered "Why does water leak into my basement?" or "How do I waterproof my basement?" or "Why is water leaking in through my foundation?" You're not alone and above some illustrations regarding the stages of water damage as it permeates foundation walls and basement floors. If you'd like a free consultation and free basement/foundation inspection to help solve your basement water problems, don't hesitate to call Value Dry Basement Waterproofing & Remodeling.
Why Do Basements Flood? 
How Does Water Leak in Through Foundations?
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