Basement remodeling contractors can give you the best way to increase the value of your home in the Washington D.C. area. ValueDry is the best home improvements and home remodeling company serving the region. We'll perform a full basement restoration and turn it into a healthy, liveable environment. We'll help you brainstorm some basement ideas and begin the room remodeling. If your considering hiring a kitchen remodeling contracor or bathroom remodeling contractor in Washington DC, call ValueDry. We'll show you how we can give you a second home by remodeling your basement.
A finished basement increases the value of your home in Washington DC
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Basement Ideas 

  • Exercise Room
  • Rec Room
  • Bar Area
  • Kids Play Room
  • Living Room
  • Home Theater
  • Home Office
How Our System Works
Our unique, high quality, modular basement remodeling systems are staunchly mold resistant and don't absorb moisture as drywall and plaster will, though Value Dry quells all sources of moisture prior to the basement system's construction. Value Dry will handle the entire basement remodeling project from the framing all the way through the electrical outlet installation by our licensed electrician. Having Value Dry complete your home improvement project is much easier than trying to coordinate 5 separate types of contractors to accomplish the job.

Our Basement Remodelers in Washington D.C. will attach a the sturdy 20 gauge, metal stud framing of our basement system to your floor and wood joists overhead. Our ceiling grid locks into place in conjunction with the stud wall framing system to create the most sturdy, high end basement system on the market while maintaining a look of warmth, comfort and elegance. With conventional basement remodeling in Washington D.C. it can literally take several months for each type of contractor to finish the jobs. Value Dry can deliver a fully finished basement in about 2 weeks. Now that's high!

Unique Basement Remodeling Systems
Value Dry is unique in using our basement remodeling system for example, Value Dry utilizes wall panels that are laminated with an acoustical fabric, helping with noise reduction from the basement while maintaining a unique, aesthetic appeal. We have many styles and colors to choose from: View our Acoustic Wall Fabric Color Brochure

Our licensed electricians coordinate with the basement remodeling experts in your home to ensure that the project goes on a seamless timeline and that all work is completed as soon as it can be. Our electricians will install all of your lighting recesses, electrical outlets and switching system. All of our workers are directly employed and trained by ValueDry Basement Remodeling in Washington D.C. Never a sub-contractor.

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Value Dry is so sure that you'll be happy with our products and workmanship that we offer a lifetime guarantee. Call Value Dry today for your free home improvement consult.
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Value Dry finished basement in Washington
ValueDry Remodeled Basement increased the value of this home in Washington D.C.
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Having a finished basement in Washngton D.C. greatly increases the value of a property as well as the quality of living in your home. A basement is a terrible thing to waste and is one of the best ways to remodel your home. Value Dry basement remodeling and finishing contractors build the highest quality, modular basement systems in Washington D.C. for less money and much less time than with conventional basement remodeling practices. Instead of hiring 5 types of contractors to remodel your basement....Call Value Dry Basement Remodeling in Washington D.C.
Finishing Your Basement is One of the Best Investments You Can Make.

A Finished Basement Adds More Value to Your Home than any other type of home remodeling project.

Many Homes are Doubled in Size by Finishing the Basement!!!

Value Dry Basement Remodeling and Finishing in Washington D.C.

We're a home basement remodeling company specializing in building a unique, mold resistant basement finishing system in Washington DC which helps with noise reduction yet still has a warm, elegant look and feel

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Value Dry has been in the basement remodeling business for over 10 years and has served hundreds of customers across the United States. We're one of the fastest growing home improvement and remodeling companies in the country due to our committment to excellence. Thank you for visiting Value Dry Basement Remodeling.
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