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Value Dry Basement Design and Remodeling is one of the most experienced home basement renovation and remodeling contractors serving Massachusetts (MA), Pennsylvania (PA), New Jersey (NJ), Illinois (IL), Delaware (DE), Washington D.C. with its basement remodeling offices in Boston, Massachusetts: Newark NJ, Chicago IL, Jersey City NJ, Philadelphia PA, King of Prussia PA, Allentown PA, Paterson NJ, Bridgeport CT, Providence RI and New Hampshire. If you need the best basement remodeling company that has the best basement ideas for your home improvement project, then call Value Dry Basement Remodeling in Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston and Detroit MI.
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Basement Remodeling and Finishing

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Count on our remodeling services to create the space you've always wanted. Value Dry can do it all - from design, to construction, painting, finishing and more! Value Dry can provide expert finishing and remodeling services. We'll turn your room into a beautiful, healthy living space the whole family can enjoy.

If you've ever considered remodeling your basement you should give us a call. The modular remodeling system is less expensive and much faster to install than conventional drywall. Acoustic Panels make for a great home theater or Kid's playroom. Unlike some modular systems ours has a real framing behind it, with panels dense enough to drive nails in to.

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Value Dry specializes in basement finishing and noise reduction.
ValueDry-Basement Finishing Contractors serving Massachusetts, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware.
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Basement Ideas 

  • Exercise Room
  • Rec Room
  • Bar Area
  • Kids Play Room
  • Living Room
  • Home Theater
  • Home Office
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How Our System Works
A beautiful, completely mold resistant basement this is how our system works

We begin by installing a sturdy, 20 gauge, metal stud framing system that is securely fasten to your floor and wood joists above. We space the frame about an inch or so away from your concrete wall so as to create an air space. This not only allows moisture to escape, but also insures a straight and true wall.

We then attach our specially developed channel system that holds our ceiling and wall panels in place. This system speeds up installation by integrating the ceiling grid, and stud wall.

In a conventional drywall system, the studs are installed first, then the electrical for the walls, then the board, then comes the tape..mud..sanding (big mess), mud and more sanding, (more mess) and then the first coat of paint. The ceiling grid is next, then another trip by the electrician for the lights, and finally the ceiling tile and paint. This method can be very slow, mainly because of the many different trades people that are required to come and go. Scheduling one person to come to your house is tough enough let alone five or more!

In our system we have the stud framing and ceiling grid complete. Then our electrician comes in and is able to install the outlets, lighting, and switches all in one trip!!

Now comes the truly amazing part. We install our one inch high density wall panels. Our panels have a beautiful, durable, self healing, acoustical fabric laminated to it, (Many colors to choose from) and are securely fasten into our specially made channel system leaving only a very small, neat seam between the panels that almost disappears, yet allows our panels to be easily removed if needed. Now were almost done. The same people that put up your wall panels, now install your ceiling tile.

And that is how we install a beautiful, mold resistant, noise reducing, long lasting, low maintenance, finished basement system.

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