Basement Waterproofing
Basmeent Waterproofing, Foundation Crack Repair and sump pump installation in MA, NJ, PA and DE.
ValueDry is one of the most experienced basement waterproofing companies in Pennsylvania (PA).
Massachusetts' most trusted basement waterproofing company.

Foundatioin Crack Repair in Pennsylvania, MA, NJ and DE.
Value Dry Basement Waterproofing serves Massachusetts, NJ, PA and DE.
As members of the National Association of Waterproofing and Structural Repair Contractors, Value Dry shall observe the highest business standards when dealing with the public:
ValueDry is one of the most experienced, trusted basement waterproofing companies in Delaware.
New Jersey's most experienced basement waterproofing contractors.
Reliable foundation & basement waterproofing in Massachusetts, PA, DE, NJ
Contractor Checklist
Before you sign a contract and settle on a particular company, ask yourself these important questions about the contractor you are considering. 

Use this table to compare contractors

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Did contractor do a thorough inspection of your problem? 
Did contractor explain in detail the proposed work he is recommending? 
Did contractor provide you with a written estimate in a timely fashion? 
Did contractor provide copies of any warranties along with the contract?  
Did contractor provide you with a "Notice of Right to Cancel" form, allowing you to cancel the contract within 3 business days?    
Did contractor provide you with local references?       
Did contractor have proper state registrations and licenses? 
Did contractor have proper insurance coverage? (i.e., auto, general liability, worker’s compensation)       
Is contractor a member of the NAWSRC (National Association of Waterproofing and Structural Repair Contractors) and adhere to the NAWSRC Canon of Ethics and Standards of Practice? 
Did Contractor earn your trust and respect as a true professional?