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Value Dry provides basement waterproofing and basement remodeling services.
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Basement Waterproofing
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Expert basement waterproofing contractors providing basement sealing and basement drainage systems, sump pump installation, foundation repair, basement remodeling and mold removal services.

"Star Award" Recipient from the National Association 
for Waterproofing & Structural Repair Contractors.
Basement Waterproofing & Foundation Repair
Valu Dry is #1 in basement waterproofing, sump pump installation and concrete foundation repair. We offer a lifetime guarantee on waterproofing and repair services.  

Basement Design and Remodeling
Once we finish waterproofing your basement, let our basement remodeling team increase the value of your home by finishing your dry basement. Valu Dry has several finished basement ideas for you.

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Mold Testing and Mold Remediation
Basement mold and mildew are hard to get rid of and cause major health problems. We provide accurate mold testing and removal. Valu Dry has certified mold remediation specialists on staff to ensure the safety of your home.  

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Basement Design & Remodeling
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Pioneers of Basement Wateproofing Technologies & Systems.
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We're Where You Need Us – Valu Dry Basement Waterproofing serves homeowners in PA, NJ, MA, DE, VA, IL, D.C., NY, CT, NH, RI, MI, OH, WI, IN and MD for basement waterproofing and drain systems, basement finishing, concrete foundation crack repair and mold removal.
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Basement waterproofing contractors in the United States.
ValueDry-America's Basement Waterproofing Company
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Read what Valu Dry's clients say about our basement systems, foundation repair, mold removal and basement remodeling services.
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Wet, Leaking Foundation No More!
A wet, leaky or flooded basement is a valuable living space you cannot afford to lose. Valu Dry understands that and ensures that the services we provide to make your basement waterproof are life-long. Whether we do foundation repair, install a sump pump or basement perimeter drainage system to give you a dry basement, we guarantee that once we get the wet out... it will stay out with our basement systems! We're America's Basement Waterproofing Company.

Remodel Your Unfinished Basement!
Wet basements that are full of mold and mildew are of no use to you and your family. They bring the value of your house down and that is something no one can afford. Valu Dry will guarantee that not only will we come in and make your basement dry, but before we leave we will remodel your basement so that it is a place you can be proud of. We're pioneers in basement waterproofing and basement remodeling. Our effective basement systems are second to none.

A Dry Finished Basement Adds Value To Your Home!
More livable space equals higher home value. Valu Dry Basement Waterproofing & Remodeling increases value of your home. Once your wet basement is waterproofed and dry, basement finishing is the most cost effective way to add living space to your home. Many homes can be doubled in square footage simply by finishing the basement for a small fraction of the cost of putting on a home addition. Valu Dry is the best company to call for basement finishing.

Basement Waterproofing Contractor Serving Your Area!
Valu Dry is licensed and fully insured to provide basement waterproofing services including sump pump installations, basement perimeter drainage systems and basement waterproofing services as well as concrete foundation crack repair and certified mold remediation in all areas of: New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware Valley, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, New York, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana and Washington D.C. 

If you're area is not listed below, please contact our basement waterproofing specialists. We may waterproof basements in your area including Philadelphia Pennsylvania, Boston Massachusetts, King of Prussia PA, Trenton NJ, Wilmington DE, Newark, New Jersey - Jersey City NJ and many other communities are served by our knowledgeable, highly experienced staff. Call Valu Dry for your Free Basement Waterproofing & Remodeling Estimate Today!
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